Friday, June 25

You Are Leaving A Legacy, Is It The Legacy You Want?

Nature reminds us of its power. The Grand Canyon demonstrates how over time water can erode and shape the hard surface of the earth to create canyons. We are all like water; we have the ability over the course of our lives to leave a mark. The fact is that each of us is creating a Legacy. We interact with others and in doing so affect those we interact with. Like the water flowing through the base of the canyon is constant over time that flow has an affect on the earth’s surface.

The first step to creating a Legacy that you want is to become aware of how your actions, and non-actions affect those you interact with. If you are the person that smiles and offers a kind word, holds open the door and overall is a respectful person you are leaving a legacy. At the same regard, if you are the person that is always negative, never holds the door and just doesn’t care you are leaving a legacy.
We create a Legacy by who we are and what we do or don’t know. Armed with this knowledge, wouldn’t you rather leave a Legacy that makes a difference? Wouldn’t you rather be the person that made a difference? You have the power to leave a beautiful Legacy.

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