Saturday, June 5

One Legacy Leads To Another

Throughout time there was always a first. However, sometimes there was a first before that first that inspired the way for others that went before us. I had never heard of Kitty Wells until I wanted to write a blog on Taylor Swift. I wanted to know the first female country singer to top the charts and did some digging and found Kitty Wells. In 1952 her hit “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” hit the charts. Another hit “The Wild Side of Life” and its controversial pre-feminist lyrics was said to pave the way for singers like Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette and established Wells as the first major female country star.

Taylor Swift debut song “Tim McGraw” was released in 2006 and she was one of country music’s youngest faces. Her first album was released in late 2006 and had 5 consecutive top ten singles a new record for a female solo artist. Swifts debut album made her a titan in the country world; however in 2008 Fearless positioned her as the year’s biggest star on any genre.

On Saturday night I was at the last concert of her Fearless Tour along with 55,000 other fans. As the young Taylor took the stage and throughout the performance shared some of her journey and I was inspired. While I have no desire to be a singer I as do most of us have dreams and being around individuals that have made a dream a reality I felt inspired. Only 6 years earlier this was a dream. A young girl with her guitar sitting on her bedroom floor dreaming of being able to sing her music was now a reality. I wonder if during her dreaming she imagined she would be the first female singer to be the main performer at Gillette Stadium to a sold out crowd of 55,000 fans. As these thoughts danced through my mind I wondered if possibly the only difference between individuals like Taylor and Kitty was the passion and drive to see them through. So I will continue to search for Legacy’s that have made a difference that have had an impact and by doing so maybe someday become my own legacy and inspire someone.

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