Saturday, June 26

A Legacy of Inspiration

Everyday inspiring people begin to create their own legacy. There legacy may not be as widely known as those who become famous, but to the people whose lives they touch it is an indelible legacy. I read a blog today about this type of legacy and was so moved by his story. He may never know the impression it made, but that is often the case with those who are unknowingly creating a positive legacy.
The man’s name is Matthew Sanford. At age 13 his family was in a horrible car accident which killed his father and sister and left him paralyzed from the chest down. He went for many years just trying to accept his disability. He finished high school and college but found himself living in a state of depression. One day all of that changed. He met Jo, a yoga instructor with no prior experience working with people with paralysis. Slowly the yoga moves were able to integrate the mind-body connection to a point that Matthew for the first time since the accident was able to get a sense that his legs were again part of his body and regain a feeling of wholeness. Today Matthew has a non-profit dedicated to helping disabled and able-bodied people alike develop their own mind-body connection through yoga. It is this type of inspiring person that increases my awareness of gratitude and is a legacy of hope.