Saturday, June 19

Its Never Too Soon To Create A Legacy

If we take our time we can find inspiration all around us.  A website offers a list of organizations started by children.    Emily Douglas started an organization called Grandmas Gifts. 

Inspired by the memory of her grandmother who lived in Appalachian Ohio, 9 year-old Emily Douglas established a nonprofit organization called Grandmas Gifts. Since 1992, Emily has raised over half a million dollars worth of food, clothing, toys, books, and educational field trips for schools, children, and organizations in the area. Emily hopes that Grandma's Gifts will raise awareness of economic hardship in the Appalachian Ohio region, bridge the cultural gap between Appalachia and the rest of the United States, and show other young people how service to the community can be a fun and worthwhile endeavor.
This is so inspiring.  To see someone so young making a difference enables us to believe in our own potential to make a difference.  Is there something you want to do and have put it off.  Consider if a child can do it maybe you can to.