Thursday, June 24

The Ups and Downs to Becoming a Legacy

If our actions are not in line with the type of legacy we want to leave, we can make the change. The legacy may ultimately be the fact that we were able to recognize our mistakes, correct them and move on. It doesn’t matter if we discover this at 14 or at 40.There are many people who altered their course in order to create the legacy we know them for today. Change is always possible.

There are countless stories of famous people who started out to follow their dream and then ended up bankrupt and needed to redefine their businesses and alter their course in order to be the person and the legacy they ultimately became. The story of Milton Hersey is one of persistence. He had no formal advanced education but studied hard as an apprentice in a candy store. His first attempts and selling chocolate failed and his company went bankrupt. He worked on an idea he had to use fresh milk to make caramel and in 1900 sold his Lancaster Carmel Company for $1 million! Walt Disney failed at his first attempt to be an advertising film maker. His company failed in 1923 but by 1928 he had reinvented his company with the creation and introduction of Mikey Mouse and the Walt Disney Company. A legacy does not earn their title by never failing, but by never giving up.

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