Wednesday, June 2

The Type of Legacy We Leave

A legacy can be a part of many different compartments in our lives. We can create a financial legacy, a legacy of character, and even a legacy of attitude. Any of these can be good or bad, positive or negative.
I once read a book by financial guru, Suzi Orman. She targets her financial advice toward women. Once she spoke of how her parent’s attitude about money deeply affected her buying attitudes. Her mother spoke of never having enough money. When Suzi grew up she went on shopping splurges and then had to face the dept. It was a negative financial legacy she had to redirect for her own life. On the other hand, she learned that she could be financially savvy, have the things she wanted and gain financial security. She didn’t have to carry the negative legacy of financial worry.

Our legacy of character and attitude has the ability to shape not only how we are remembered but how those affected by our example live their lives. Are we leaving a legacy of determination, honesty, and hard work? Will our positive attitude and spirit of hope trickle down to the character and attitude of our family members, friends or colleagues? There is more to a legacy that genetics or inheritances. How we view the world and how that shapes our character is leaving a legacy of spirit.

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