Thursday, January 28

Front Page News

Waves of Gratitude founders Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman were featured on the front page of the New Hampshire Union Leader. Read the article about how two moms designed a collection of Inspired Jewelry and Apparel to give people the opportunity to wear symbols of gratitude that are both beautiful and meaningful.

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Tuesday, January 19


Waves of Gratitude is a company that sells Inspired Jewelry and Apparel designed to symbolize the importance of expressing gratitude at As a company that believes in giving back to those affected by breast cancer, Waves of Gratitude is partnering with The Get In Touch Foundation and New England Walkers for Knockers to raise awareness and find a cure for breast cancer. $3 from each sale of the Large Branches of Hope necklace will be donated to each group.

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The Waves of Gratitude partnership with New England Walkers for Knockers (NE-W4K) is a Win, Win, Win for everyone: customers who buy the large Branches of Hope necklace get a beautiful sterling silver pendant symbolizing hope at 15% off the regular price with coupon code NE-W4K at checkout and a Gratitude Wave to keep or give away, NE-W4K earns $3 per sale for the Walk and the Get in Touch Foundation (GIT) also receives $3 from each sale.

The New England Walkers for Knockers team has participated annually in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – Boston since it was established in 2007 by Brenda Smith. With encouragement from family and friends, Brenda gathered a group of individuals from the ages of 8-65, both female and male, to raise more than $18,000 in that first year. Since then, the "New England Walkers for Knockers" team has raised almost $57,000.00 to date towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer. The NE-W4K goal is to raise money towards finding a cure for breast cancer and also raising awareness of the preventative measures that can be taken to help detect the disease as early as possible.

The Get in Touch Foundation was established by Mary Ann Wasil Nilan in 2004 to encourage women of all ages to “Get In Touch” with their bodies as part of an ongoing crusade to educate them about the importance of early breast cancer detection. Mary Ann has won The Oprah Magazine CoverGirl Giving Beautiful Back Award and can be seen in the February issue of O Magazine.

Waves of Gratitude has set a goal of donating $150,000 to The Get In Touch Foundation while helping to reach team fundraising goals with the New England Walkers for Knockers. Individual participants in breast cancer walk fundraisers are encouraged to contact about the steps necessary to join Waves of Gratitude in spreading the word about Inspired Jewelry and Apparel to apply $3 of each Large Branches of Hope sale toward individual or team fundraising goals.

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Tuesday, January 5

We Declare 2010 the Year of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude founders Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman believe that the expression of gratitude has the power to change the world. With that thought in mind, they are declaring 2010 the Year of Gratitude and launching their new blog “Inspired Thoughts” with 365 days of uninterrupted blogging about the subject they hold so dear.

“The purpose is to show our followers that we are just like them. We have everyday joys, challenges, struggles, and triumphs and through it all we strive to find the gratitude and inspiration in these experiences, that’s what keeps us strong” says Cheryl. Kim adds “What you’ll see is the real deal as we relate our day’s experiences and reflect upon and find the inspiration and gratitude that will make us better the next day.  We invite you to travel with us and look forward to your comments and insights and hope that together we can all grow from this experience.  Let the journey into 2010 begin!”

Visit “Inspired Thoughts” today to get inspired and visit to buy the Inspired Jewelry and Apparel and wear the symbols of gratitude created by Cheryl and Kim that are both beautiful and meaningful!