Thursday, November 11

Always See The World Through That Of A Child

“What was wonderful about childhood is that anything in it was a wonder was a wonder. It was not merely full of miracles; it was a miraculous world” ~ G. K. Chesterton

I remember thinking about being a parent and never feeling that I was cut out to be one. I have 3 younger siblings that I use to help babysit in the summer and I really felt that I was more the career person. Corporate America was more the life I wanted to live. I had friends that had children and loved playing with them yet I was convinced that parenthood wasn’t for me. Regardless there I was a few years later expecting a baby girl. Over the 9 months I was her only companion I grew very close to that little person that had yet to enter the world. I imagined all the things we would do together and all the potential she would have. In less than a month that little girl will turn 18 and I love her more today than I ever imagined. G.K. Chesterton is so right; childhood can be a time lived in a miraculous world for many. It is a time that anything is possible. However, I must say I do somewhat disagree. I am 43 and I still feel it is a miraculous world. While the world may be filled with some painful events there are others miracles happening around us. Foundations like Vitamin Angles, Tom’s Shoes, The Get In Touch Foundation to name a few are giving back, educating and making a difference. In a discussion with our friend Sandra with Angel Energy yesterday we were discussing the shift in the world towards making a positive change. Individuals like these organizations and countless other individuals that make it there life work to make the world we are living in a better place not just today, but also for the next generation are creating a miraculous world. So I say that when we look for the beauty in the world, when we set out to make a difference, when we surround ourselves with individuals like Angel Energy we are living in a miraculous world regardless of our age. In this moment we are creating beauty.

Tuesday, November 2

Why Not Me?

Eleven years ago this month I had a good friend, Diana, die from cancer. She was 31 years old and left behind a husband, two little boys and a 7-month old baby girl. I don’t know why she came to my mind today. Maybe it was because I found myself for an instant, wondering, “why me?” I don’t like when people say that and I especially don’t let my self dwell on that question for more than an instant. I think that is because of Diana. When she first told me she had cancer she said she came across a lot of people who were asking, “Why me?” She told me, “Of all the people who get sick and get cancer, why not me?” Everyone has something hard to bear at different times in their lives. The next time something wonderful happens to me and goes especially well, it is then that I want to ask, “Why me!”

“Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyone's eyes.” – unknown.

Monday, November 1

It Looks Different When We Get There

"Being a senior in high school is the best.  You are at the top, almost an adult but still get to do all the fun things living at home." ~ Cassie Nordyke

My daughter loved the idea of growing up.  The thought of entering her senior year of high school was filled with enthusiasm and anticipation.  While she is loving this year and all the fun that comes with it there is a different light that is shining that she didn't anticipate.  That of responsibility and of growing up.  With that comes letting go.  The plans of Halloween in our home are always fun, there is a party and trick or treating what is not to love.  Then when she and her friends went out to actually trick or treat the realization that they are too old came in.  The fun of Halloween as a child is behind them until someday they have children.  It is true we live our childhood again in some aspects through our children.  However, this morning she had a look of sadness and the view of being all grown up seemed so different once she started to reach it.  We spend our lives living towards things and miss moments we are living in.  Goals and dreams are so important and we must all have them, however, we have to learn how to live in this moment, love this moment and all it has to offer for it may never be ours again and the one thing my daughter reminded me of is that "It looks different when you get there"
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