Sunday, June 20

Celebrating the Legacy of Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who are leaving a legacy. I know that all dads may not be perfect and some of us may not have the best possible relationships with our dads. That itself is a legacy of sorts. I have seen however, that even those who have not had a great example of a dad, there is a legacy and lessons we can learn. Often such people are even more dedicated to being a better parent. I am fortunate to have a great dad who is both an example and someone I respect and admire. One legacy of my father is that of being able to say just the right words. He speaks often to congregations and small groups of family and friends alike and when he is finished everyone feels better. He is often called upon to give the eulogies at the funerals of family and friends because he can recognize the value each person gives to the world and people around them. My dad gave a talk in church more than 25 years ago, that just today someone mentioned in their talk on Father’s Day. I guess that is what is called a living legacy.
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