Tuesday, June 1

We Leave Our Legacy One Ripple At A Time

Legacy: [leg-uh-see] anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor

Ripple: [rip-uh l] to undulate or rise and fall in tone, inflection, or magnitude

A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do. Nothing else." Mahatma Gandhi

The month of June is dedicated to our Legacy. How each action we take impacts our lives and the lives of those we encounter. If I awaken late and decide to take the approach there is a purpose to being late and not become stressed by the situation. As I go about me day my interactions with others will reflect this.

If I then compliment someone that was otherwise also having an off day I now have the potential of impacting that person as well. If today were the only day we were to examine as how to measure my legacy then I could potentially summarize the following.

I awoke late and rather than being upset was grateful that I awoke. As I went about my day I decided to spread the same attitude to those I encountered. They then were affected and decided to spread the same awareness of possibilities they had experienced with others.

My Legacy would be that of taking a negative and creating a positive and then sharing that positive with others. Until eventually we had created a Ripple. Each one of us leaves our legacy one ripple(action/encounter) at a time. What is your legacy?

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