Wednesday, June 9

How A Ripple Becomes A Legacy

Ripples are the affect of an object being dropped into a body of water and creating ripples.  As the ripple begins to span out, it creates additional ripples.  We have the potential as individuals to create ripples.  Our actions can have an affect on others.  I can help out a friend by giving them a ride to their job.  They can then help out someone at their job that can affect that person.  We each have the potential to affect other people.  We don't always know the affect of our ripple.  I can start a business and someone can read my story in the newspaper on online and be motivated and inspired to follow a dream of theirs.  A simple act like a compliment or a thank you can have a ripple.  We have the ability to change a bad day into a good by changing the way we look at the day itself.   

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