Thursday, June 10

Legacy of Learning

Do you have a special teacher that really made an impression on you? I have a few. I remember my 7th grade social studies teacher, Mrs. Barry, for how she made everything come alive. She would read us stories about two boys in Nazi Germany – even though some teachers thought 7th graders didn’t like to still be read to. She taught us about embargos, boycotts and trade by having us create our own countries and trade goods. She taught us about the U.S. legal system by creating a trial where we all played different roles. I got to be a lawyer because I had 100% on the legal terms quiz. It is amazing to me that I remember so much about a class and teacher I had more than 30 years ago. There were others who made an impression (Mr. Velevis was so cute with his bell bottoms and mustache!), but Mrs. Barry left a legacy. Ever since that class I have had a love for historical fiction and an understanding of so many other aspects of government and the law. There are teachers everywhere making impressions every day. Many will never know the legacy they leave.
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