Monday, December 6

From Inspired Thoughts...Kim --Day 339; 26 to Go

The world of Tumblr is down and has been for quite some time, so we're brinigng our daily blog to you through here until the problem is fixed with Tumblr....

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” Ovid

A much needed day off today. Even though it was a busy day with teaching a class at church, visiting Grandma, and a little baking (just because I had a major chocolate craving) it was a break from the normal day where I have a revolving front door with kids coming and going (not to mention the revolving refrigerator door). The highlight, I must say was a little Lifetime movie action with a plot slow and predictable enough that I could also squeeze in a little nap. I am grateful for the rest and relaxation and recharged for the week that lies ahead.