Thursday, June 17

The Legacy Of Love

The world is filled with individuals we look up to.  These can be athletes, performers, educators, actors or they can be someone we know.  For the most part we pick someone that has achieved something we dream of achieving or aspiring to be like.  However, for me the person I most looked up to was the person that raised me.  She had the heart of Mother Teresa.  She would give you her last penny if you asked her, however that wasn't her greatest gift.  Her gift that made her so amazing was her love.  No matter what happened in life or to her she always loved.  I don't think in her life she understood the meaning of hate.  Her capacity to love enabled her to forgive everything. 

When I think of who I would aspire to be like and what I would like to achieve in my life it would be her capacity to love.  To see within each person I encounter their potential to understand that with faith in an individual we can ignite their internal flame and help them find their purpose.  There aren't thousands of even hundreds of individuals that know her name.  In her lifetime she never made the cover of any magazine and was never on any Television Shows.  Regardless, to those who did know her, their lives were better from that experience.  To those who know me they know the impact she made in my life.  If I had one goal and that was the only thing I could accomplish, I would strive to know her ability to love.  She is proof that one person can impact and etch within us a piece of them that changes us and stays with us for a  lifetime.
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