Tuesday, August 31

A Clear Perspective

Ellen Glasgow said: "No life is so hard that you can't make it easier by the way you take it." 

Each person has obstacles to face in life. I have been in the room with individuals that were multi-millionaires and with individuals that couldn't make it to the next paycheck. Each person had their own individual situations to face.

Friday, August 20

Accepting Abundance

When you go through live just getting by, you may not be completely open to abundance in your life. We see this all around us. People will stay in a situation that is less than what they are capable of having, being or doing just because it is known and comfortable. Even when opportunities for greater abundance come along they just don’t seem to seize them. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s a feeling of not being deserving of abundance. Whatever the reason we can all overcome those obstacles and learn to accept that not only is every human being on the Earth entitled to abundance in their lives but they are already born with it. The challenge then is to recognize it and enjoy it. A prayer written by Emmett Fox and entitled Accepting Abundance reads in part:
“Today everything that I AM and have, that is Good,
is increased.
I identify everything I do with success.
I think affirmatively.
And with all my prayers, I accept abundance.
Whatever I need, whenever I need it,
wherever I need it, for as long as I need it,
will always be at hand.”

Accept that you can have all that you need, ready and plentiful whenever you need it.

Thursday, August 19

Abundance of Peace

It does not take a large bank account, a beautiful house or fancy car to have an abundance of peace. Peace is something that is found within us by the way we choose to view the world. Peace is found in knowing there is enough in the bank account for your needs or being able to happily adjust those needs to match its balance. An abundance of peace is found in a home filled with warmth and family you love and loves you, not in its furnishings or location. Peace is found in knowing you have a way to get where you want to go, even if it doesn’t have leather seats. It’s about where you choose to go in your mind. There is not an abundance of peace in trying to be something for someone else or in keeping up with the Jones’. Peace comes from keeping up with your own dreams and recognizing when you have achieved them. “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -- Buddha
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Monday, August 16

Comfort in Abundance

For most of the people able to access this blog there are many comforts in life we enjoy in abundance. By reading it you have Internet access and the electricity to power it. Most of us turn a faucet and have plenty of clean water in any temperature we want. We wash and dry our clothes in automatic machines. We go to sleep in a bed with clean linens and warm blankets. We enjoy an abundance of comforts. It isn’t until there is a power outage or when we are disconnected from these niceties that many of us fully appreciate the comforts we call basic but others may find as luxurious. It is a matter of perspective. Tonight when you flip a switch and lights come on or you press a button on the refrigerator and get some ice cold filtered water, take a minute to be grateful for the abundance of comforts you enjoy.

Sunday, August 15

Abundance of Memories

Too often in life we make plans that “someday” we will go on that ski trip or climb that mountain or take the kids on a special vacation. Someday sometimes doesn’t come. Before we lose the opportunity we need to change our thinking to “today, I will…” and then do it before it is too late. My dad had a good friend who worked hard his whole life saving for retirement. He had so many plans of what he was going to do once he retired with all the money he saved and time he would have. He died of a heart attack 3 days before his retirement. It is a story that is all too common. Live for today and make memories out of every day life. Plan for the future but don’t plan as if it is a guaranteed possibility. Live for today and create your abundance of memories.

Saturday, August 14

Abundance of Knowledge

"One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child."  ~ Carl Gustav Jung

We are surrounded with knowledge.  Our world today provides us knowledge via books, television, pod casts, the Internet and our phones.  We have access to so much information at any given moment that any challenge we face there is someone to learn from.  Additionally, we haves so many teachers at are fingertips that 15 years ago we wouldn't have had.  Through Social Media we can find experts or individuals with knowledge in almost any area.  In many situations we are able to interact with them and get not only the answer to our questions, however the human touch. 

However, let us not forget one of our greatest teacher is within us.  Our past allows us to learn from where we have been and what we can do.  It motivates us to never go there again or to go beyond what we have already accomplished.  It empowers us to know that we can handle situations that at one time we would have never thought possible.  Our past and those that have taught us are a powerful source of knowledge to refer back to and use at our own will.  There is an abundance of knowledge at your fingertips.  Where will you go next.
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Friday, August 13

Abundance of Fun

In today’s society we have daily distractions that remind us constantly of our obligations regardless, if it is the things to do around our house, at work, with family or friends. Our lives are going at such a fast pace from one obligation to the next that sometimes we forget how to just have fun. In some situations we are in the middle of something that would be fun but are distracted by the next thing on our list. Since the only thing we know for sure is that we have the moment that we are in, we need to learn how to live in our actual moment rather than going over what we haven’t done or what we need to do. Fun is all around us. It can be catching up with friends, watching old movies, taking road trips, or anything that makes our heart feel joy. For each of us this is different. Fun is not connected to our check books. Think back to your childhood, some of the most fun we had as children were the things that cost almost nothing. Whether it is playing make believe, hide and seek, going swimming, the beach, when we were young we seemed to always know how to have fun. Within each of us that child still lives. Find what makes you smile, laugh, or want to relive a moment. Today, just go do that, and have fun.

Thursday, August 12

The Abundance Inside Us

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” When people think of abundance it is easy to think about what you have. We are all born into this world the same. We have nothing but our bodies, and it is our parents who have all of the belongings they used for our benefit to clothe and feed us and keep us safe. As we grow more independent, and we provide for ourselves, it is easy to get caught up in trying to acquire more “things” – things like cars and houses and all that goes in them. We acquire more or nicer clothes to make us feel good about the way we look. I once heard that we spend the first half of our lives acquiring stuff and the second half trying to get rid of it! True abundance however can only come from within. If we do not feel satisfied with what we have within in us, then we will never be satisfied with the material things we surround ourselves with. I think with a certain amount of personal growth and understanding and maybe even maturity we come to understand that we have within us all that we need and we just need to learn to recognize it.
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Wednesday, August 11

Opportunities in Abundance

Opportunities are all around us in great abundance. Why is it then that some people can see the opportunities for what they are while others fail to recognize them? Is it that some people get more changes or do they simply know and understand an opportunity when the see it? How then can we learn to recognize and the abundant opportunities we are all equally entitled to? We can start by first being open minded. If we shut the door on the opportunity before we explore it a little more, we will miss its potential. What might appear at first to be uninspiring may turn into the opportunity of a lifetime. Second, we can look for opportunity in every situation. If the door is closed on what we thought was the right direction for us, then try looking for the open window. It was once said that opportunities don’t come along stamped with their value on them. We never know what they may bring until we act on them. If we cannot understand the opportunities when they come along, then we miss out on the true potential they hold.

Tuesday, August 10

Abundance of Potential

Don Williams, Jr said "What we aspire to be is more than what we are yet less than what we are capable of.”  There is so much potential that surrounds us.  Sometimes it is obvious and other times it is more suddle regardless there is potential all around us.  There are books, individuals, mentors to name a few of individuals that are able to empower us.  We have a limited potential only because we wish to believe we have a  limited potential.  However, when we open our minds to the possibilities of unlimited potential we allow ourselves to discover teachers that we wouldn't have otherwise discovered.  If we think in terms of abundance and potential we are allowing ourselves to move in that direction.  It is like being in a car, we couldn't drive or work and home at the same time.  We can't think limitations and attract abundance.

Monday, August 9

Abundance of Love

Carl Gustav Jung  said “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”  This however, is the key to having an abundance of love is to first love ourselves.  Our lives take us to many different places and around many different people.  The one thing we all share is that we are always with our self.  If I love myself and respect myself then what types of individuals am I going to surround myself with?  People that will love me also.  Love is something that only grows as we give it.  The more love we give the more love we have.  So if we give ourselves love, remembering there is an abundance of love to give then we will attract back to us more and more love.  When we put ourselves down or withhold love then we will draw in individuals that will do the same.  Life is a wonderful an amazing journey that can change at any moment it is up to us.  We can begin to love ourselves to find things in others to love. If we learn how to put our attention on the things in life we want to attract rather than the things we don't want to attract we can shift our lives.  There is an abundance of love in the world and within ourselves we just have to focus on that.  It all begins within ourselves.
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Sunday, August 8

Abundance in Our Friendships

Think about the times in your life when you’ve really needed your friends. I know for me they have rallied around in times of tragedy but they are also there to celebrate occasions big and small. I remember as a little girl in Brownies we would sing this song, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” I don’t think that there is ever a time when we can’t make room for a new friend. As we go through experiences together, they grow not only in value to your life but bring richness and abundance to all of its individual experiences. There are different friends I call upon at different times. Some come through when least expected. The kind of friends I treasure most are the ones where even if we have not spoken or seen each other in a long time, we can pick right up where we left off. Then there are the friends that are there everyday that we may sometimes take for granted. As I reflect on all of my friends I recognize the blessing in having many who understand me and are there for me at just the right times. They know when to step in and when to step back and let me figure things out on my own, always there to listen with openness and understanding when I’m ready to talk. Friends don’t only come through in the difficult times but are also there to make the going a little easier day in and day out.

Saturday, August 7

Live and Experience the Abundance

John Petit-Senn said, "Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." How very true. Over the years we have done many things as a family that didn’t cost us anything financially but created some of our best memories. We would go to the park or beach or rake up a big pile of leaves and jump in them. As the kids got older, we had fun fishing at a local pond or hiking in the state park. Some of the most abundant memories are just shooting hoops and the boys learning from their dad some tips he learned while playing basketball in high school, college and the Air Force. Even the vacations that we took together mostly involved experiencing something new with extended family.
There were of course the splurges on those trips, but it always makes me smile when I think of what my family wants to do the next time we return. It wasn’t the themed amusement parks or tourist attractions of the country’s major cities that were on the “must do again” list. It was the small, simple, and even least expensive places we went that seemed to hold the majority of the good memories – the backyard campfires, swimming at the lake, or looking for alligators on the U of F campus. All it took was being surrounded by family and friends to enjoy the abundance of life.

Friday, August 6

Abundance In The Little Things

I had a fantastic day.  I woke up early and because I own my own company I worked for 2 hours before I left for the beach with my daughter.  It has been a very busy summer so this was the first time my 17 year old and I had time and the weather was cooperating that we could go to the beach.  We walked for a little over 1.5 hours along the sand bars and talked about everything.  Senior year, college, friends life you name it we talked and laughed.  Then we hopped in the car and stopped at one of the best ice cream places in that area.  We drove home and were able to enjoy a little down time and then got ready for a night out with family friends.  Again, the ability to work in between these events allowed me to enjoy the day without missing anything important I needed to do.  We went and watched Step Up 3D and the dancing and movie I absolutely loved.  Then we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant where they cook your food at the table our friends son had never been so it was even more fun and the food was amazing.  We went home I opened my PC and an author we love Deanna Davis had read our ebook and loved the material.  I needed to get her some information so I stayed up until around 1am to get the work done.  My day cost me $65 dollars in total not that much for an abundance of memories, sharing time with family and friends, opportunities and all I was able to take from it.  Abundance some times comes in the little things that add up to the most amazing parts of our lives.
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Thursday, August 5

Find Abudance In All You Do

"Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” ~ Epicurus

Life for each and everyone of us brings different challenges as well as different joys.  When we take time to know ourselves to undestand what makes us feel fulfilled as a person we are better able to position our lives to include individuals that share some or our core values as well as joys.  When we are able to spend time doing what we enjoy we are able to live a life that is more fulfilled.  There are so many opportunities to have a life that is lived as wide as it is long.  The key is to know yourself.  To know how you can live an abudant life and then to do what it takes to make that happen.  Find joy in yourself and your life.  Live your life in abudance.

Wednesday, August 4

Abundance: It’s Not Just About the Money

Most average, middle class people go through times in their lives when finances are really good and other times when finances are not so good. I remember thinking at one point when I was a stay-at-home mom and we were a one-income family that when my husband reached a certain level of pay, we would be financially set. That point came and we upgraded out lifestyle a bit but then there was the wanting for more – for the next financial milestone. On the other hand, we had friends who we know had a much lower income but who seemed so content with what they had. They, in fact, had more discretionary income because of choices they made. So abundance is not necessarily about income. To me it is more about the freedom to choose how to use our resources so that we achieve the goals we want and enjoy the abundant life.
To have financial abundance is all a matter of perspective. I ask myself on occasion if all my basic needs are met. Yes, they are. Then next question I ask myself is am I able to do some, if not all, of the things that come with having financial abundance. Again the answer is yes. If we can have every necessary need met and still be able to enjoy the extra or find a way to have the things we want – whether or not that takes money – is in fact enjoying a level of abundance. Wayne Dyer said it perfectly when he said, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

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Tuesday, August 3

Abundance in the Realm of Finite Time

To have abundance is to have more than enough, more than is needed, above and beyond the basic. This can be something negative or something positive. For example, an abundance of anger or stress can lead to bitterness or an abundance of rich foods indulged in too often can lead to weight or health problems. Must most often we think of abundance as something that is good or positive. We think of having plenty and some to spare. Applying this to the way we spend our time can lead to abundant satisfaction, maybe even a greater level of peace. Susan Taylor said, “We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly. . . spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.”

Focusing on the good, many of us find that we have an abundance of activities usually all worthwhile and fulfilling in some way. Some are really good, but some are better. Then there are the best. Our time is finite and we have to choose which of these abundant activities is most deserving of our focus, heart, and time. In some cases less is more. When we are less busy being busy, we are able to give more to our most important and best activities.

Monday, August 2

Abundance of Love

There was a time when the thought of acknowledging that I love myself seemed kind of silly.  I loved my family and friends and had never put to much thought into loving myself.  Then I went through a bit of a bumpy patch and in the process ended in the office of an amazing individual.  As I sat there we went through a variety of topics he asked me who I loved and who was my best friend?  As I thought for a second I named off what I considered a nice size list.  Then he looked at me with a little confusion and opened a drawer.  He handed me a mirror and asked what I saw?  Of course the answer was myself and he then made a comment that I have taken with me from that moment and never forgotten; "The person in the mirror needs to be your best friend and you need to like and love that person first. If you love and like that person you will respect them and by doing that you will bring into your life people that will love and respect them also."  I remember thinking that is so simple, if I am trying to have people in my life that don't love and respect me then why are they in my life.  Since then I now love and like myself, now I am not saying I don't make mistakes and irritate myself sometimes.  However, my actions, choices and decisions are all based on doing what will allow me to like and love myself.  By doing this I have more love then I know what to do with and I am able to share it with others.  Love in abundance is endless the more you give starting with yourself the more you have to give.

Sunday, August 1

An Abundance of Gratitude

According to the dictionary abundance is a plentiful supply. Most of us think of abundance in terms of finances and wealth. For us at Waves of Gratitude we think of abundance in terms of potential opportunities, or in terms of time with family, or the quality of our lives. For us abundance is not meant to necessarily describe the financial situation we are in as much as it meant to represent our mission statement: To be abundantly grateful for the opportunities in our lives to make a product that is intended to make a difference in other people lives and to be grateful for each and every customer, fan, blog reader, mentor, author, spiritual entrepreneur and fan we have made thus far. We know that the abundance of those individuals in our lives is what is going to see our product make a ripple effect of positive energy. Abundance is our dedication this month. It describes the core belief of gratitude. The more you give of gratitude the more abundance of gratitude you have. This is our commitment to find abundance in the core values of our company and to share them with each of you. Please feel free to make any suggestions we love to hear from each and every one of you.