Tuesday, June 15

The Legacy of A Sister Love

I doubt there is anyone that hasn't heard of the Susan G Komen Foundation.  If I say the name Nancy Brinker others of you may not know who that is.  After her 36-year-old sister died of breast cancer in 1980, Nancy Brinker founded the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in her honor. Its mission is bold: eradicate the disease by improving research, screening, education, and treatment. Since its inception in 1982, the organization has grown into a global network of volunteers who raise money and awareness through local affiliates and by sponsoring Komen Race for the Cure events. The first Race for the Cure, held in Dallas, Texas, in 1983, drew 800 participants; within 20 years, the organization was sponsoring more than 100 races annually across the globe, drawing more than one million participants. The races raise money, but also deliver a message of support to survivors.
Over the years, the organization has raised $750 million, making it one of the largest cancer charities in the world. "There is hardly an advance in the science of breast cancer over the past 20 years that hasn't been touched by a Komen grant," Brinker told BusinessWeek 's Catherine Arnst. "That's what I'm most proud of."

Nancy Brinker's love for her sister enabled her to over come the loss of her sister and start an organization today has touched so many lives.  One sister with a dream to make a difference for women everywhere has done just that. 

Within each one of us is the potential to make an impact and to make the world better.

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