Monday, June 7

The Legacy Of A Wish

Thirty years ago the Make A Wish was started by a group of individuals that wanted to grant a wish to a child with a life threatening disease. Today the organization has granted thousands of wishes. While this is amazing, the thing that amazes me the most are the recipients of the wishes. These children that are granted wishes and go into recovery then ask to help make other children's wishes come true.  From making bracelets, to have carnivals in their backyard there is no limit to the drive of these young individuals to make a difference in others lives.  When we think about the power of a Legacy, consider if we could impact our youth.  If we could inspire them at a young age to want to make a difference in our world what they can do in their lifetime the number of individuals they will be able to affect.  A Legacy can be created while we are young and expanded on.  We all have within us a Legacy to leave.  A purpose to fill.  What is your Legacy?  What change or affect do you want to have?  Never be afraid to pursue your purpose.  If a child can after being face with a life threatening disease then you can to..

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