Monday, June 7

What Legacy Do You Want to Leave Blog Hop

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When I saw this Blog Hop in my mailbox I knew that I had to post about it. You see, the term “legacy” has meant so much to me since my father passed away 5 years ago.

Upon his passing…I had to reflect on what was left behind? As a Christian, I have the hope that I will see him again one day but what about the “here and now”. What is left on this world? In one word his… legacy.

His love for music and family. His willingness to laugh, his ability to put his emotions into song and word. I remember looking around at my family during his service and realizing that everything he was and has done of importance was right here. His family….his legacy.

So what do I want to leave my girls? What legacy do I want to live? I need to be working on it daily. For myself I think often of Proverbs 31. The story of the most gracious, close to perfect wife and I remember that at one part..the reflection is that her children call her blessed and she is a jewel in her husband’s crown. I want to leave a legacy of virtue, strength, humility, gentleness and love. A love and desire to know and walk with the Lord daily. A kindness that hurts when others hurt but a strength to stand close to God and travel the journey of life behind him. I want to know that my legacy is that my girls and my grandchildren will all be walking with the Lord and living a life glorifying to Him. All else in my life pales in comparison to reflecting Christ to my daughters, to my husband and my family.

Yes, that’s the legacy I want to live…what about you?

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