Thursday, July 29

Inspiration Surrounds Us

This last monday I went to a concert for one of my daughters friends band.  While there another band played that was very good about trying to build their fan base.  Curious about how successful they were the next day I looked them up on youtube.  I watched an interview with one of them and was inspired.  Nick the member of the band was talking about how the lyrics to one of their songs came to him while in the shower.  The funny thing is we had been talking about how all of our great ideas seem to come to us while we are in the shower.  A litttle research proved that there is a scientific reason for this.  The end result is that if we want to be inspired, it is all around us.  It is just a matter of being open to it.  Find something every day that inspires you. 

Saturday, July 17

Finding Your Inspiration

Inspiration sometimes seems to come out of the blue. When it does, it is exciting and moves you to act. But what about those times when you need some inspiration and it just won’t come. You think about what you need to accomplish but it takes more effort than it ought to. There are ways to call up inspiration when you need it.

Part of opening up to inspiration involves quieting the mind. Deanna Davis, PhD, in her book, The Law of Attraction in Action, talks about using different forms of meditation to quiet the mind and make room for inspired thoughts that lead to inspired actions. She writes about the idea that meditation does not need to have a formal method or process, but can be any activity that quiets the mind. Some may use yoga. Some may meditate lying down, sitting upright or standing in the shower. The important concept is to quiet the mind from the random thoughts that enter at will so that the inspired thoughts can enter in.

The challenge: find what works for you. Where can you find quiet and stillness? For a young mother that may be behind the locked bathroom door. For the empty nester, it may be a quiet spot in a sunny room. For those who juggle their home life with work and volunteering it may be the car ride. Turn off the noise whether that is TV, the radio or the commotion of a busy family and just breathe. The inspiration will come to the quiet, organized mind.

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Wednesday, July 14

3 Steps to Inspired Success

Drive and ambition may help us get ahead in our careers or “win” wherever we compete, but motivation often comes from inspiration. Inspired action is a term used by author Deanna Davis in her book, “The Law of Attraction in Action.” (Penguin Group 2008) She states so perfectly that,
“Real and lasting change and success always emerge by first choosing your state and then setting a clear intention for what you want to achieve. They require something more, though, to actually yield results. That ‘something more’ is inspired action.”
We can be busy throughout our days, frantically running from here to there and at the end of the day feel as though we have accomplished nothing. We were busy, no doubt, but were the actions moving us forward or just around in circles? Inspired success comes from inspired action. If each of our actions were purposely made we would surely move around less and accomplish more. Here are three simple steps that just may help you start to make your movement more meaningful and productive and your satisfaction at the end of the day more complete.
  1. Have a plan. It may be a “to-do” list or just a mental note about what is most important to accomplish that day.
  2. Return often to your plan throughout the day. This is a good way to check if the actions you are taking are related to what you had planned for your day. If not, then think about if they should really have a place interrupting that plan and get back on track.
  3.  Review. At the end of the day, take inventory and set priorities for the next day.
This is a method used by many gurus and experts on time management, Law of Attraction, and other types of practices for achieving goals and to help you live the most inspired kind of day.
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Tuesday, July 6

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Artists and musicians get their inspiration from life so where do we get our inspiration for our life? What inspires you to live life the way you do? Each decision we make and each step we take toward our dreams is inspired either by something we surround ourselves with or something from within. Sometimes our surroundings or situations are negative to we have to find the inspiration from within. Learning to find the inspiration when we need it is something we can practice and ultimately perfect. The key is gratitude and taking the time to look for the good in anything. It exists. We just need to find it.

Friday, July 2

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