Saturday, May 29

Hope Found In A Fortune Cookie

Today was my mothers 65th birthday. For her birthday she went to the casino and played slots. While there she won over $3,000 which was at the perfect time considering she just had to have eye surgery that cost $5,000. This is always the way it works with my mom. If she gets a good fortune in a fortune cookie then it is going to come true. She creates her own good fortune. Whenever something happens that knocks her down she goes to the casino and for her she is able to turn $50 into $1000 or more.
The key to her success is she always goes there with a mind set that she will find her lucky machine and it is going to be her lucky night. Although she has her nights when luck isn’t on her side, there are more nights she wins then nights she doesn’t.

Our mind set helps us to create our opportunities to look for the yes instead of the no to seek possibilities and discover our potential. Sometimes the power of the fortune cookie isn’t so much the ability to create or predict the future as much as it is to empower us with hope. It opens our minds to the potential of what can be and for us to start looking for it that potential. That to me is the power of hope in a Fortune Cookie…

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