Wednesday, May 5

Hope Provides Us Purpose

I remember hearing Wayne Dyer speak about not letting yourself die with the music still in you.  I remember when I heard it a conversation I had with my grandmother years earlier about our calling, our natural passion for something.  She had always felt her passion was to go abroad and help others.  To be a type of Mother Teresa.  Instead, she had done the normal thing, get married and have kids.  She did pursue her mission to help others by becoming a minister.  However, in the end she felt she had missed her purpose.  I remember her telling me to never think it was too late.  If there is something in you that you know you were meant to do go out and do it.  Life is funny, it doesn't have a rule book or a step by step guide for assembly.  However, there is one main secret I have seen through the years.  That is the pursuit of ones passion or purpose.  For Randy Pausch it was to share his life with as many people as he could while he still could.  For Lance Armstrong it was to win the Tour De France.  For Mother Teresa it was to help those in needs.  While living a life of purpose we find the work we are doing to be are passion and it seems less like work and becomes more fulfilling.  I have always felt blessed.  Behind every obstacle there is a lesson, an opportunity or something that upon reflection benefits my life.  My gift is to find the solution, the opportunity that lies within the mess.  For me blogging, find inspiration on a daily basis is something I could do forever.  In order to do this we have to have at the core of all of it Hope.  Hope that our purpose or our passion will have value.  Just as the void between the notes makes the melody, hope within our purpose connections us to why we are here and allows us to fulfill our place.  To find our music and not take it with us when our time is done.  Hope is at the core of everything.  If is the heartbeat of our lives.

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