Wednesday, May 19

Hope To Inspire

One of my favorite things is movies.  I love them, especially the ones that take me away and enable me to believe in something we may have otherwise lost hope in.  Movies can inspire us to believe in love and hope to find the love they have in the movies.  Movies can capture a sensation of victory at the potential and hope for victory.  Movies can inspire us to believe in our dreams and create hope for the potential for our dreams to become reality.  Then if we look at the movie itself.  Long before there is a screen play there is an individual or individuals that hope to see their ideas on the big screen.  They take an idea and follow their hope until they make it reality.  The writer had an idea of a movie that could make the audience feel, laugh or cry.  They had hope that what they had in their minds could be translated to paper and then through actors and actresses to film.  Movies begin with hope, they can give hope and they can create hope.  That is why I love the movies. 

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