Sunday, May 9

Hope For Forgiveness & Second Chances

There isn't a human I know that hasn't made a mistake. Done the wrong thing, said the wrong thing, it is part of life. The key is to know when we make a mistake and then hopefully have a way to make up for it. Hope motivates us to take a chance and try to correct the mistake. That by making an effor to do the right thing we can restore what has been hurt by our wrong. If you are the person that has been wronged forgiveness is a very important part of life. To acknowledge none of us are perfect. If you are the person seeking forgiveness then we have to be patience. While we may want to correct our mistakes and move on sometimes we need to step back and allow those in our lives time to determine how they want to move forward. However, niether party had the right to make the other person feel like less of a person.  We must stay hopeful that if not now sometime in the future we will be able to rebuild what is lost and hurt.

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