Sunday, May 16

Symbols of Hope

Symbols have played an important role in people’s lives since the beginning of time. In Old Testament times there were frontlets worn on the forehead or arms to remind the people of covenants. Modern Christianity uses the symbol of the cross for a hope in Christ.

There are symbols throughout nature that give us hope: sunrises welcoming the new day, flowers and trees blooming in spring to let us know the winter is past, a baby being born with hope for a new, exciting life.

Symbols of hope come in many forms and are personal expressions of what we hope for in our own lives. The engagement ring is symbolic of hope in a wonderful life with the one we love. Our Branches of Hope is symbolic of the strength and beauty of women similar to that of the Cyprus tree that has weathered the elements and emerged stronger and more beautiful. Whatever symbol of hope you have, look at it often, touch it and remember that there is much to be hopeful about.

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