Sunday, May 2

Finding Hope

There may be situations where we tell ourselves it is "hopeless" or we have no hope that it can be better. With hope being as necessary to our lives and well being as air, we must find the hope or we couldn't go on very long. So take a deep breath and realize there is always hope.

Hope has the power to create a change when all seems all. There is no better example than the Red Sox and their 2004 which that had not been able to do since “the curse” was placed on them. They had not won a World Series since 1918. The Red Sox were down in the 2004 series 3 games to 0. They came back to win 4 games straight and their first World Series win since 1918. What changed? There were no major changes in the line up. The coaches were the same and despite a tough Boston fan based they started winning when many thought there was no hope. Somewhere in the course of or prior to game 4 there was a shift. Could it be that an entire team of grown men collectively decided they would not give up? Could their mindset really affect their performance? I believe so. The power of the mind and the willingness to have hope against all odds really can change bring a change in the air.

If the Red Sox can do it, then why couldn’t each individual make such a shift in their own outcomes? So take a deep breath and realize there is always hope.

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