Monday, May 3

Hope In Every Situation

Hope is the ray of sunshine around a cloud promising to peak through so your BBQ goes according to plan. Hope is planning the perfect prom day and waiting for it to go according to plan. Hope is forgiveness when you have said words that hurt. Hope if the offer for a new job that you aren't sure about. Hope is the baby that is on its way of and the dreams for their future.

Hope is the morning when you have lost a loved one. Hope the big win that gets you noticed. Hope is front of stage for your favorite band. Hope is that time heals all wounds. Hope is the championship for your home team. Hope is the all is clear test when the treatments are through. Hope is the that she will say I do. Hope is their happiness when your child moves out. Hope is the memories when your parents are gone. Hope is the stillness before the dawn. Hope is the food on the table to eat. Hope is a night without bombs. Hope is a home with heat. Hope is the dream you finaly pursue. Hope is that life always has you. Hope is the storm doesn't ruin the crops. Hope is the flame the ignites the fire. Hope can move mountains and make mircles happen. What are your HOPES??

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