Friday, May 7

Hope ~ For Hope In Return

We often reach out to others to help. We offer to be there to assist people that we feel can use some help. Sometimes this is to a total stranger sometimes it is to close friends or family. We open ourselves up and give without any expectation except that we hope. We hope that if someday we need something they or someone else will be there. We hope that if someday we need a big hug someone will give us one. We hope that our willingness to be there for another person to care and put their needs on our list will enable us to matter to them. In essence we give hope in exchange for hope. Hope propells us to take risks, to put others first to care when otherwise we may not have. In the ends sometimes our hopes with those we give to so willingly are not fulfilled. My suggestion, hope that instead of passing that hope back to us they passed it on to someone else and keep hoping. Hope is like a big hug, it lifts the spirits of those that give and receive.