Monday, May 17

Hope From Letters

Today I was doing some spring cleaning and came across a box with hand written letters. Some of them were 15 years old and written by my grandmother. I spent the majority of my childhood with my grandmother. My grandparents adopted me when I was 11 years old so they were my parents. As I removed the letter from the envelop and read her words I felt as if she was there with me, her letter filled me with sadness that she was gone and hope. I wonder if 15 years from now we will open an email and have that same nostalgic feeling. We all know the answer to that question, of course not. There is an art to letter writing. It allows us to reflect on days that have passed.
There were receipts, words of encouragement and the simple tone of her letter. As I read them I felt blessed to have her in my life and to have her letters with me. I appreciate the time she took to send them and I am grateful to still have them. If there is someone in your life that you love and have something you want to share, consider a hand written letter. You never know, years from now those words may offer hope and inspiration.

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