Tuesday, May 11

Hope Is Our Heartbeat And Our Breath

May is the month of commencement speeches which are typically given by individuals that have achieved some level of success in their life. The commencement speak is meant to acknowledge the work that has taken place in order to graduate while still inspiring the audience of what lies before them. At the heart of these speeches lives “Hope” for what the future holds.

Every time an athlete steps into the game they are filled with anticipation of their opponents. They are ready to meet the challenge and do what is necessary to win the game. What sets the best apart from the rest? What propels the underdog to win? What enables a grown man to pursue the dream of his youth? Again one word “Hope”
May is the beginning of what many refer to as the wedding season. Brides have dreamed of this day from the time they were little girls. They have planned the perfect dress, the most beautiful cake and the most charming and honorable husband. They are filled with fear and happiness of what is to be and what they are leaving behind. They have rehearsed every detail and calculated exactly how the day will unfold into the perfect day. What motivates this effort and planning besides love? “Hope” that this is only the beginning of the beauty and love their life will hold.
Hope is at the root of every thing we do. It enables us to move forward and take risks. It inspires us and those around us. It lifts ours spirits when life knocks us down. “Hope” is our core in life; it is our heartbeat and breathe wrapped up together.

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