Saturday, September 4

The Secret I Just Learned

I have spent the last 15+ years digesting books by amazing people, books on how to view life, ourselves and the universe. I love a good fiction book don’t get me wrong. My passion however has been those that allow for self discovery. Whether it was based on my position as a Business Development Director and books by Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey or the author of How to be a Rainmaker or the ones that go deeper into our soul like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer or as of recent Deanna Davis and Kevin Hall. I have consumed them like a wonderful dessert after a fantastic meal. Each of them offering insights from their perspectives tied together in a beautiful package with examples and lessons from those they have studied or met.

On a plane ride recently while feasting on one of these works of art I had an epiphany. My love, my passion is words. Allow me to clarify, I do not have a desire to know every word or necessarily understand every word. What I love is the power of words in everything, a book, a lecture, a song, a play, a movie, a story or a conversation. Words to me are the voice of our thoughts. They bring to life our emotions, ides, feelings, hopes and dreams. The illuminate potential out of darkness and begin to create the foundation of what can be, from what was never there.

Each of us has a voice and with that voice has the potential to create and design something magnificent. Each of us has a power to shape our lives and impact those we encounter into something that upon reflection we are proud of. Never underestimate your own potential or the power of your words. Seek knowledge from that which inspires you. Find your own secret passion and then share it with the world. Take time to realize the one thing that can not be purchased ever, is a moment that has passed. So live each moment with that knowledge.

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