Wednesday, September 22

Find The Beauty

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ~ Joanne Kathleen Rowling

Today we seem to find more of what is wrong with the world then what is right. We turn on the news, sign on to a computer, open a browser on our phone, listen to the radio; it doesn’t matter what it is there is something that has happened coming at us 24/7. There was a time when after midnight all you had was white noise. When you could leave your home and not be subjected to what was wrong in the world unless you picked up a paper. While technology is an amazing tool that allows us to offer our products to everyone in the world from the comfort of our own homes, it is also the very thing that is impacting so many lives, and not always for the better. Each time we listen, read or see the news we decide how we are going to process that information. Are we going to let it consume us or are we going to decide to know what is going on in the world without feeling we have the burden of the world on us. News, information, knowledge are all positive things to be aware of, however like anything in life, too much is not a good thing. Especially if we allow it to bring us down. This evening on my drive home I was amazed at the beauty of the Harvest Moon. As I looked up at it I realized, the men and women protecting our country, the local authorities, the doctors and nurses that care for so many all have the same bright moon. Life is a flash of lightening in the sky that is here and gone before you know it. Surrounding us outside of all the negative information is a world of beauty and wonder. Take time to witness the beauty in the world. Make a choice to see your own beauty. Live this life you have been given be thankful for those that protect us, respect those that work insane hours to keep us alive and healthy and most of all respect and appreciate the beauty of your own life and the value it plays in so many lives you may not even know.

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