Saturday, September 18

Release Your Doubt

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt” ~ unknown

The most wonderful part of life is the beauty in the potential. When we stop growing and learning we cease to see the potential a new day can hold. We surrender to our doubts and assume that life is what it is today and that is all it is. Life is so much more than even we can imagine. There is so much potential to live a life that is on purpose where we do what we love instead of what pays the bills. The movie the Shift by Wayne Dyer focuses on that point in our life that we realize life is more than obtaining things. It is more about who we are with and what we do with our time, how we give back. Life has so much beauty and potential. If you ever have doubts take an hour. Watch the sunrise in the early morning as a new day approaches. Witness the sunset as a day comes to a close. Walk out into the night sky and lye on your back and watch the stars and the moon. Sit in a park and listen to the tress in the wind. Stand in the rain or open your window during a thunderstorm. Life is amazing and the key to living an amazing life is to never have doubt in how amazing our life and our experience here can be.

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