Wednesday, August 11

Opportunities in Abundance

Opportunities are all around us in great abundance. Why is it then that some people can see the opportunities for what they are while others fail to recognize them? Is it that some people get more changes or do they simply know and understand an opportunity when the see it? How then can we learn to recognize and the abundant opportunities we are all equally entitled to? We can start by first being open minded. If we shut the door on the opportunity before we explore it a little more, we will miss its potential. What might appear at first to be uninspiring may turn into the opportunity of a lifetime. Second, we can look for opportunity in every situation. If the door is closed on what we thought was the right direction for us, then try looking for the open window. It was once said that opportunities don’t come along stamped with their value on them. We never know what they may bring until we act on them. If we cannot understand the opportunities when they come along, then we miss out on the true potential they hold.

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