Friday, August 6

Abundance In The Little Things

I had a fantastic day.  I woke up early and because I own my own company I worked for 2 hours before I left for the beach with my daughter.  It has been a very busy summer so this was the first time my 17 year old and I had time and the weather was cooperating that we could go to the beach.  We walked for a little over 1.5 hours along the sand bars and talked about everything.  Senior year, college, friends life you name it we talked and laughed.  Then we hopped in the car and stopped at one of the best ice cream places in that area.  We drove home and were able to enjoy a little down time and then got ready for a night out with family friends.  Again, the ability to work in between these events allowed me to enjoy the day without missing anything important I needed to do.  We went and watched Step Up 3D and the dancing and movie I absolutely loved.  Then we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant where they cook your food at the table our friends son had never been so it was even more fun and the food was amazing.  We went home I opened my PC and an author we love Deanna Davis had read our ebook and loved the material.  I needed to get her some information so I stayed up until around 1am to get the work done.  My day cost me $65 dollars in total not that much for an abundance of memories, sharing time with family and friends, opportunities and all I was able to take from it.  Abundance some times comes in the little things that add up to the most amazing parts of our lives.
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Carolyn said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! A great time in your life to enjoy.