Tuesday, August 31

A Clear Perspective

Ellen Glasgow said: "No life is so hard that you can't make it easier by the way you take it." 

Each person has obstacles to face in life. I have been in the room with individuals that were multi-millionaires and with individuals that couldn't make it to the next paycheck. Each person had their own individual situations to face.
 For some it is finances, for others it may be finding their purpose or happiness. If I were to try to specify the individuals that I had been in the company of that seemed to have it all. Their finances were okay, they had good relationships and they seemed to be fulfilled as individuals I would describe them as this. People that realized the responsibility of their finances as their own, the willingness to contribute to a relationship is a two way path and the fulfillment in life comes from internal love and the desire to make a difference in this world through a variety of different venues. The success of our lives and the level of happiness and fulfillment we reach are up to each of us individually. See the beauty in a challenge and the doors it may open to a new world you may have never explored. Life has a way of taking us places where more and more of the beauty of life is revealed to us with each step 
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