Monday, August 2

Abundance of Love

There was a time when the thought of acknowledging that I love myself seemed kind of silly.  I loved my family and friends and had never put to much thought into loving myself.  Then I went through a bit of a bumpy patch and in the process ended in the office of an amazing individual.  As I sat there we went through a variety of topics he asked me who I loved and who was my best friend?  As I thought for a second I named off what I considered a nice size list.  Then he looked at me with a little confusion and opened a drawer.  He handed me a mirror and asked what I saw?  Of course the answer was myself and he then made a comment that I have taken with me from that moment and never forgotten; "The person in the mirror needs to be your best friend and you need to like and love that person first. If you love and like that person you will respect them and by doing that you will bring into your life people that will love and respect them also."  I remember thinking that is so simple, if I am trying to have people in my life that don't love and respect me then why are they in my life.  Since then I now love and like myself, now I am not saying I don't make mistakes and irritate myself sometimes.  However, my actions, choices and decisions are all based on doing what will allow me to like and love myself.  By doing this I have more love then I know what to do with and I am able to share it with others.  Love in abundance is endless the more you give starting with yourself the more you have to give.

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