Friday, August 13

Abundance of Fun

In today’s society we have daily distractions that remind us constantly of our obligations regardless, if it is the things to do around our house, at work, with family or friends. Our lives are going at such a fast pace from one obligation to the next that sometimes we forget how to just have fun. In some situations we are in the middle of something that would be fun but are distracted by the next thing on our list. Since the only thing we know for sure is that we have the moment that we are in, we need to learn how to live in our actual moment rather than going over what we haven’t done or what we need to do. Fun is all around us. It can be catching up with friends, watching old movies, taking road trips, or anything that makes our heart feel joy. For each of us this is different. Fun is not connected to our check books. Think back to your childhood, some of the most fun we had as children were the things that cost almost nothing. Whether it is playing make believe, hide and seek, going swimming, the beach, when we were young we seemed to always know how to have fun. Within each of us that child still lives. Find what makes you smile, laugh, or want to relive a moment. Today, just go do that, and have fun.

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