Monday, August 9

Abundance of Love

Carl Gustav Jung  said “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”  This however, is the key to having an abundance of love is to first love ourselves.  Our lives take us to many different places and around many different people.  The one thing we all share is that we are always with our self.  If I love myself and respect myself then what types of individuals am I going to surround myself with?  People that will love me also.  Love is something that only grows as we give it.  The more love we give the more love we have.  So if we give ourselves love, remembering there is an abundance of love to give then we will attract back to us more and more love.  When we put ourselves down or withhold love then we will draw in individuals that will do the same.  Life is a wonderful an amazing journey that can change at any moment it is up to us.  We can begin to love ourselves to find things in others to love. If we learn how to put our attention on the things in life we want to attract rather than the things we don't want to attract we can shift our lives.  There is an abundance of love in the world and within ourselves we just have to focus on that.  It all begins within ourselves.
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