Monday, October 4

Time Lost Is Gone Forever

I can not purchase it and nobody has more than anyone else so I must use my time wisely and make the most of it because once it is gone I can never get it back.

It amazes me how quickly time passes. As a child I used to wonder what adults meant by time rushing by. To me it was like every movement of the hands of the clock were going in slow motion. I am not sure exactly when it went from wondering such things as is this day going to end, to realizing that when this day ends it will never come my way again. Yet, somewhere in the last thirty years I have come to appreciate more the value in a moment. I’ve come to understand what wasted time means and to want to use time more carefully in order to become the person I was meant to be. To stop saying I’ll do it someday and to just do it. No matter what the outcome, I will make my dreams my reality. I will change the things I don’t like in myself even if only gradually becoming who I am meant to be a little more each day. Until one day I realize I lived my life on purpose; I fulfilled my dreams. I will stop blaming and start acknowledging that I got me where I am and I have the power to change or improve that.
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