Saturday, October 2

Instict To Follow Intuition

“I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.” ~ Kim Basinger

Today I realized this strange ability I have had my entire life which my teenage daughter also has. It is the ability to have the truth revealed to us. Throughout most of my life I would have information come to me. Some of it was data I really needed however other times it has been information I would rather not know. When chatting with my daughter about this ability she has now come to realize she has I think we can chalk it up to intuition. When I follow my intuition I find that I am granted information. Again some of it is good, some bad, however, all information. What this has allowed me to do as a parent is to know when something is up with my daughter and address it. This has enabled us to discuss potential life altering situations prior to them becoming life altering situations. What it has done for my daughter is taught her to trust her instinct. This is something most of us don’t learn until much later in life, so to learn it at the age of 17 is a huge jump start on navigation of our lives. See we are born with intuition and then our parents, teachers and friends tell us what to think, how we should feel, what to do, and we silence that voice that would normally guide us. If you listen to the voice that says go the long way home, only to realize you avoided an accident, or stay late at work only to get that call from the client that closes that deal you have been working, then you find yourself feeling blessed or lucky. If you fail to listen to that voice that guides you then you may be one of those that feel as if you are always swimming against the current. Life and people all have their own agendas and it isn’t our place to tell them what their agenda should be, rather it is our place to align ourselves with individuals that also follow their intuition and are in alignment with our core values. In doing so we have less of the, “Oh man” intuition moments and more of the, “Wow am I lucky” intuition moments.

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