Thursday, October 28

The Price Of Expectations

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” ~ H. L. Hunt
I have a friend that hasn’t spoken to his mother in years.  In discussing with him as to why, I discovered the reason.  His stepfather made a scene at his wedding and his mother had never apologized for what happened.  Years had gone by and he decided he would call her and talk to her.  I indicated he might want to not have expectations; just hello, how are you and see where it goes.  He called and as they talked he pologized, then waited. His mother never mentioned the wedding or an apology.  He felt angry that he had made the effort to call to apologize and then she didn’t.  I asked him what happened to my suggestion to have no expectations.  He said he had none; he did though.  He expected her to apologize and when she didn’t he became angry.  Love is the one thing we give and if we can do so without expectation the world will amaze us.  If we have expectations, the world will surely disappoint us.  We try so hard to change our habits and traits and if we can’t, how can we change the world?   Your parents will make mistakes and if you become parents you too will make mistakes.  Decide if you want to love without expectation and then try it.  You might be amazed.
Courtesy of "But What Do We Know"

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