Tuesday, October 5

Into The Light

"We all get lost. Whether it's in sadness, love, peace, or chaos, it doesn't matter. Just to know how it feels, and to realize what it's like to finally find your way again is what's important. And when you do find your way, you know it. You feel it. Like the suns warming rays, like the mists of the oceans, you can tell. You have found your way out. And nothing can stop you from moving on." – Elaine Berndt

My friend’s daughter who is 15 wrote this when she was 11 years old. I think sometimes we underestimate the depth of thought and feeling by children. We all come to this world with an eternal soul, some perhaps more mature than others. Earlier today Cheryl posted something on Facebook asking our followers why they keep a journal. For this young girl it was the way to reflect on feelings much more poignant than she might have been able to express verbally. The message of this quote is quite profound too. Certainly everyone can relate to the painful feeling and then the warmth, elation or peace that comes from finding your way out of it.

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Jimena said...

I found the quote really nice and interesting. It's completely true,my grandfather has recently died and I'm still feeling the lost but I trust that I'll find my way.
Really nice post, it helps... so thanks for that =)