Monday, April 26

Cheryl ~ Day 116; 249 to Go

Sometimes life takes us down a path we never intended to go and what we find as we travel this path are opportunities we never expected. Introductions to a world we never thought possible. I know sometimes it may seem as if life isn't moving as we want it, yet if we keep our minds open we may be surprised to what life presents us. I never would have planned the last 30 months of my life would go as they have. I have experienced more moments of facing my fears than ever before in my life. Yet I have also had some of the best moments of my life. I have learned to appreciate that true value of time. To understand that the sand never stops moving through the hour glass and this moment right now this breath will never be mine again. Breath in life breath out love. Breath in appreciation breath out gratitude. Breath in the gift of life and breath out the memories of the moments. These are my daily inspired thoughts.

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