Wednesday, April 14

Cheryl ~ Day 104; 261 to Go

There are times in our life we are required as a friend to be the person that listens and allows them to vent. To not judge or input our opinions. To be supportive and understanding. Then there a moments we see the person we admire slipping away. We see the turmoil they are going through winning and taking them with it. It is a tough call and doesn't always work out for the best, however, there are these moments we need to stand up and point out some tough things. Typically friends in this position have slipped into the role of the victim. They have given control of their lives over to the situation. All they need is a hand out reached to say own where you are. When you own your problems you give yourself the power to fix them. When you are the victim the outcome is dependant on factors outside of your control. Having come from a family that had playing the victim down to a science I knew I didn't want to be a repeat of history. So I acknowledged early on that when we own where we are in our lives then we have the power to change where we are in our lives. Once given this power we then need to change our thoughts and see the life we want. Visualize your life and then you can begin to create it. These are my daily inspired thoughts.

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