Tuesday, April 13

Cheryl ~ Day 103; 262 to Go

Dishes, why is it a great meal has to come with dishes. It's part of our life. We have a great meal wth friends and family and when it is over there they are the dishes. There are many things in life like dishes, they keep coming back. However, the key to dishes is to tackle them early and get it over with. That is the key to many other things in our lives. The things we hate that we want to aviod, just because we don't deal with them doesn't mean they will go away. They actually just pile up and create a mess. So like dirty dishes face them head on clean it up and when it is all done there is nothing like a kitchen that sparkles. The same is true for our hearts and minds, clean out the dirty dishes and there is a sparkle where once there was greasy build up. Under there is hope, inspiration and creativity.

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