Wednesday, April 21

Cheryl ~ Day 111; 256 to go

So there is this website I discovered a few weeks agot called 1000 Awesome Things and the persont that wrote it has a book out called "The Book Of Awesome" and just the cover makes me smile. Basically his site is dedicated to finding the awesome things in life. So today I run into the supermark to pick up a few items like bread and milk and there in the front of the produce section are these BRIGHT RED STRAWBERRIES! One of the downfalls to moving from California to New England was the limited access to fresh fruit and produce all year like I had there. However, the site of those STRAWBERRIES made me smile. I immediately thought of his website and that made me smile even more. Then my daughter and her boy friend come home and he's like "guess what I did today?" I'm like okay "what?" He said "I sharpened a pencil and the first try it came out perfect, and I thought AWESOME." I realized this one man with this one blog has created a ripple. I had shared the site and some of his blogs with my teenage daughter and now not only was I noticing what was AWESOME but them as well. He started a Ripple of appreciation and gratitude and it has spread to me and then down to my daughter and her boyfriend. Never under estimate the power of one positive action in this great big world. This is my daily inspired thought.

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