Monday, April 12

Cheryl ~ Day 102; 263 to Go

There are moments we all face that it seems as if we are barely hanging on . That life seems to want to smack us around just to see how much we can take. Then just when we think it's going to get better here comes another smack. Here it is we all get smacked around, some of us more than others. However, here is what I know. My dear friend is approching the 2 year mark of the loss of her soul mate to a heart attack prior to the age of 50. I can actually see the pain in her eyes when she talks about the plans they had. I watch her struggle with defining the rules as a single parent in a role not made by choice and wish that I could somehow help. Then there is that light, that shins when she talks about the love she had for him and the memories of him. That love that she had for 14 years. I know I have never known the love of spouse that they had and realize that pain that deep can only come with love that deep. Within the hurt was the blessing of the love. Our lives all end in death, what matter is what we do with the living part. Are we going to just hang on, is that what our loved ones would want for us is that what we would want for them. Part of the healing process however, is accepting that today, it hurts to much and I am going to honor this loss and tomorrow I will begin again the living.

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