Friday, February 12

New Gratitude Jewelry for Yoga Enthusiasts

Waves of Gratitude founders Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman collaborated with renowned jewelry designer Jessica Fields to develop the Yoga Wave, a two-piece solid sterling silver pendant that embodies the movement and powerful stillness that yogis and yoginis experience when they step onto the mat.

The Waves of Gratitude Yoga Wave Necklace
The solid sterling silver Waves of Gratitude Yoga Wave is a beautiful, fluid and sculpted form perfect for any yoga enthusiast because it so closely aligns with the lifestyle and philosophy that inspires a unification of mind, body and spirit.

Waves of Gratitude co-founder Cheryl Nordyke, a yoga enthusiast herself, says, "Yoga has been there for me through some very difficult times. It has helped me remain centered. When I wear the Yoga Wave I am reminded that my practice isn't only on the mat."

The Waves of Gratitude Yoga Wave Bracelet
The Yoga Wave is the latest addition to the collection of Inspired Jewelry that includes bracelets, necklaces and earrings – all solid sterling silver and designed to remind people about the importance of expressing gratitude.

The Yoga Wave is part of the Create-A-Wave Collection which includes six unique wave-inspired pendants: the Health Wave, the Strength Wave, the Nature Wave, the Accomplishment Wave, the Gratitude Wave and the Serenity Wave. Each pendant can be worn separately or in unique combinations like the Waves of Gratitude Yoga Wave bracelets and Yoga Wave necklaces.

Visit the Waves of Gratitude website to view and purchase the Waves of Gratitude Yoga Wave necklace and the Yoga Wave bracelet. Save 15% with coupon code YOGA.

You can also visit Waves of Gratitude on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr and follow the latest news on the gratitude blog Inspired Thoughts, the fashion blog on Tumblr.


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