Monday, February 8

Waves of Gratitude Wedding Favorites

Celia Milton, a wedding officiator from New Jersey, recently recommended Waves of Gratitude Inspired Jewelry as "wonderful bridesmaids’ gifts or mothers’ gift".

Wedding favorites selected by Celia from the Waves of Gratitude Inspired Jewelry collection:

Waves of Gratitude Branches of Hope necklace
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 Waves of Gratitude Gratitude Wave Bracelet
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Celia says, "Every wedding ceremony I write with my clients speaks of gratitude; how could it not!  Finding your life partner, your Anam Cara, is a search that almost all of us undertake, and when our search is rewarded, we can’t help but feel grateful." Read Celia's full article recommending Waves of Gratitude Inspired Jewelry here.

Don't forget to visit to view and purchase the collection of Inspired Jewelry and Apparel designed to give people the opportunity to wear symbols of gratitude that are both beautiful and meaningful.

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