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At Waves of Gratitude, we accepted nominations from December 16, 2009 to January 15, 2010 for the Expressions of Gratitude Award designed to recognize individuals that express gratitude in their lives with extraordinary personal style. We are still accepting nominations for the second Expressions of Gratitude Award through April 30 and are pleased to announce winner Pat Wharton of Edmond, Oklahoma. Pat, age 73, was nominated for the Expressions of Gratitude award by her granddaughter Brandi Brown, also of Oklahoma. Congratulations Pat and Brandi.

Pat Wharton, Expressions of Gratitude Award Winner

Waves of Gratitude founders Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman deliberated between many deserving nominations to the Expressions of Gratitude Award and selected the winner, Pat Wharton, for maintaining an unwavering focus on gratitude through many losses: her home at age 6, her older brother at age 10 and her father at age 30. Brandi wrote of her grandmother Pat,

“She is the truest definition of gratitude with grace.
It is from her that I have learned what it truly means to
 be grateful everyday for even the simplest of life's blessings”.

Pat, the Expressions of Gratitude award winner, received a stylish solid sterling silver Branches of Hope Pendant with a Swarovski clear quartz crystal on Genuine Black Leather, a necklace to honor her lifelong commitment to expressing gratitude. Inspired by the strength and magnificence of the Cyprus tree, the Branches of Hope pendant by renowned jewelry designer Jessica Fields is the signature piece in the collection of Inspired Jewelry by Waves of Gratitude. The jewelry is designed to give people the opportunity to wear symbols of gratitude that are both beautiful and meaningful.

We’d like to thank participating individuals who nominated someone special for expressing their gratitude with extraordinary personal style and invite everyone to visit our Inspired Thoughts blog to join Waves of Gratitude founders on their journey of 365 days of uninterrupted blogging in 2010 to share everyday joys, challenges, struggles, and triumphs while striving to find gratitude and inspiration through it all.

Don't forget to nominate someone special for the second Expressions of Gratitude Award before April 30, 2010.


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I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award!

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Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself. ........................................

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